Saturday, March 02, 2013


It has been a year.
And a very eventful one at that!

March 2nd is not just another day to me.
In 1997, I was trying to help organize with my work to help coworkers.
In 2012, I was newly married with a head spinning trying to figure out what we were going to do day to day.

This particular March 2nd is very surreal.
Yes, we still see damage around the area. . .
I took notice of some metal still hanging in a tree a few roads away. . .
There is a house that was foreclosed on and the bank hasn't touched it once all year.
But we are repaired!
We are all here and our family has grown with the arrival of our grandson throughout all of the rebuilding.

We are back on the remodeling path and are way far ahead of where we were last year.
OB is hanging with a buddy in our family room (which was the goal for last summer) and it feels good that he has a place to be with his buddies.

So, I can cross a lot of our future remodeling list and keep trudging with all of the tornado paperwork.
Even though the structure is repaired, we are still trying to replace all of the "stuff" that is no more.


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