Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I seriously thought about taking this Blog down.
You see, I haven't posted because I can't post.
No, it isn't a technical issue... It's a personal one.

So many things that fill my head I won't post here. I try not to air my dirty laundry. I try not to post about negative stuff. I try not to do the "poor me" posts.
I would fail if I had been posting.

And I realized that I needed to fail.
If I don't, I may fail in an even bigger way.

So, I wrote out a post - somewhere else...
I worked on it for a few days...
I got everything off of my chest and let it sit there for a few days weeks.

Once I got some big items in my head in print and got them to leave me alone, I realized that other things were feeding the mound crisis more than I realized.
A few of those are being taken care of...

I needed to write that post.
But noone needs to read it.
Yeah, I feel better, just not great, but I'm getting there.