Thursday, January 05, 2012


Stuff has felt a little different lately. . .
Can't exactly put my thumb on it, but I have lots of thoughts running through my brain.
I guess this is the time when I crack open the scull and let stuff just fall out.

I am trying to get back to taking care of myself physically.
It's been awhile since I did that and believe me, my body is yelling at me for ignoring it for so long.
It does, sometimes, feel good to get back into a groove.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to do cardio the next few days since we are having the mudding / sanding done in the exercise room.
Yeah for having someone else do the mudding and sanding!
Boo to no cardio!
I did do butt springs tonight - not sure how good of a replacement that was though.

I have been trying to increase the information in my brain a bit.
I read.
I have always read.
I have always read extremely fast.
I am now reading the Steve Job biography which is NOT a fast read.
Very unusual for me.
I have the newest Jillian Michaels book.
Had to stop after the first chapter as there is "work" to do first and my brain said no.

I have been trying to eat a bit more healthy.
Lets not talk about what I ate for lunch today.

I have been struggling with my email address.
It is a spin-off of my old name, which I thought would be good even when it wasn't anymore.
It is now starting to bother me.
Every time I type it.
Which is A LOT.
Can you say email, google calenders, google reader, facebook, grocery iq (just to name a few)?
It just doesn't feel right anymore.
I know that some would be easy to change, but others. . .
Not so much.
I am really debating if it is worth all of the trouble.

I also find myself flustered a lot lately.
> Changes at work. . .
> Multiple changes at work. . .
> Drifting away from those I used to be close to. . .
> Headaches coming from the school district area. . .
> Unanswered emails. . .
> A cracked laptop screen. . .
> Letters that really need to be written, but I can't find the right words. . .
> Trying to live in the now and be grateful for what I have - easier said than done!
Yeah, just a little flustered.


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