Thursday, November 10, 2011

What was that again?

My apologies - I have been trying to come up with good blog topics, but that isn't so easy with a foggy head.
I know that a few ideas popped into my head earlier today and the one lesson that is constantly being reminded to me over the last few days:
I must write everything down!
I like to think that I have a good memory and to a degree, I may be right.
I have a good memory for the past, not for tracking today.
I live with To Do Lists and reminders and post it notes...If it doesn't get written down - forget it!
My iPhone has started to replace the Franklin Planner, but I am still attached to both for different things.

I think my big hang-up is that I am scared I will lose the phone (okay MommyMarie - let's not talk about the time I left the Franklin at your place...).
Or, as many of us have experienced, will the phone have a melt down of electronic proportions?
I guess that is why I am primarily using apps that are also linked to the intranet - Google Reader, Grocery IQ, etc.

Without those, my organization would go to pot, but my data plan would look much smaller.
Heck, I admit it - my organization isn't that great most of the time (despite what some people think), but it would definitely be scary on its own!

Any other good intranet-based, get my world in order, type apps I need to know about?


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