Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vacation 2011 - Walt Disney World

2011 found us with a trip to Walt Disney World.
This was the first time that both of the kids had been in the air, so it was a pretty big deal!

Probably the biggest part of the trip (at least the thing contributing the most to a biggening of our waist bands) was all of the desserts.

We ended up eating at our resort, POP Century, a lot:
Dirt and Worms. . .
Milkshakes from the ice cream station (or sundaes or apple pie fritters, etc, etc, etc). . .Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Ears. . .Tie Die Cheesecake (which had a small amount of Velvet Cake at the bottom). . .Epcot found a few desserts that made it onto film:
From the World Showcase (Japan), Ginger Cake. . .
And from the Land (the restaurant that is in the same building as Soarin'),
Cheesecake, Rice Krispies and Tiramsu. . .
NOTE: For those who are going to eat at this restaurant - Cheesecake good, Tiramsu not.

Just about anywhere at Disney - you can find these ice cream treats. . .
I ended up with one at Animal Kingdom.
Hollywood Studios found a vendor that had funnel cakes as snacks (on the meal plan). . .

We need to get our exercise room fully functional to recover from all of these treats!


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