Saturday, April 02, 2011

Entry Way

We have been spending most of our free time working on the Entry Way recently.

New walls.

New paint. New floors. Here was our very much needed change. . . Carpet that I'm not sure of the original color.
Subfloor.And the final product with a beautiful floor and new paint. I also bought the curtains. If you have heard about my failure of searching for curtains for the past three years, you may understand why I wanted to change the paint color (yes, it's still green - but three tones of a different shade). You may also understand why MBB wouldn't agree on a new color until I found the curtains. :) We just need to buy a double curtain rod and some baseboards. . . And find some more free time to install everything and WE WILL FINALLY HAVE A ROOM DONE! J ust in case you want a better view of our beautiful new floor. . . Goes pretty good with the hard wood floor, don't ya think?


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