Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Generics. . .Food, not drugs!

When I first starting "shopping for deals", I heard "generics are horrible", "generics aren't as good", etc etc. Take your pick. My thoughts were that most generics are comparable to name brands, but there are a few on my "do not buy" list.

As my shopping for deals has transitioned into coupons, I find that I can get name brands for just as cheap, if not cheaper, than the generics.


I have also found that I have a "do not buy" list and a "preferred list" now.

Doesn't everyone?

Yeah, well. . .
The funny thing is, a few name brands have found their way onto the "do not buy" list.
Hey, wait a minute! What are those generics doing on the "preferred list"???

The problem?
Generics are supposed to be cheaper, so. . .No coupons! :(

Occasionally, I will find them on sale (my snack stock pile is looking better after Meijer's sale this week). But, I have found myself spending more money to buy a generic. . .

What can I say?
It's on the preferred list!

Generics on the Preferred List:
Kroger Honey Peanut Butter
Meijer Pretzels
Kroger Turkey Pepperoni


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