Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saw Red. . .

To be honest, this week and I are not getting along.
I cannot account it to one thing in particular – it just seems like tons of little things are piling up.
But, I just about ran into the straw that broke the camels back.

We have a small kitchen area at work.
It is not a room.
It is a counter with a sink and microwaves that is visible from just about everywhere.
There is a sign that says “Please return your dishes to the cafeteria.”

There are times when you see dirty dishes sitting there (used to be a huge problem and stink, but not such a big issue anymore).
I take my silverware/water glass to the cafeteria every morning, so they do sit on my desk overnight.
To be honest, if I am about to be out for vacation / holiday / etc, I may leave a spoon there before I leave in the evening. But, I also grab big piles when I see them to offset the two pieces of silverware that I have left for someone else during the year.

Fast forward to today.
I have a system when heating up my lunches.
I put it in, go to the ladies’ room and (if I have a frozen lunch in for two minutes) am back before it is done. You know. . .Multi-tasking.

Today, I have soup – so instead of two minutes, I am only using the microwave for one (but there is another free microwave and no line...And I hurried!).
As MBB will tell you, I like a little soup with my crackers.
So, I stir my soup and crackers and since I don’t want my spoon sitting on the dirty counter, I lay it on my soup can while I am gone…Right next to the microwave that is currently running with my soup in it.

Remember, I am not getting along with this week, so I’m already not in the greatest of moods.

I get back and someone put their dirty silverware on top of my soup can and MY SPOON.

They didn’t put them by the sink where dirty dishes are sometimes left.
It isn’t the end of the day when the café is closed, so they, in my opinion, are just being lazy.
It wasn't something smelly, so they could have left it at their desk until they go back to the cafe tomorrow.
What they did do was added it to the pile of someone who is obviously heating up their lunch and getting ready to eat.

I now understand what someone means when they say they SAW RED.


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