Saturday, October 09, 2010

We're Married!

Yep, we did it!

10/9/10 is now a date that NEITHER of us should forget. :)

Here are some shots from our big day:

The vase that was our alter and then became the centerpiece for our "spiral stair" cakes.
Our "table cards". . .When the small plastic piece got pulled out, they lit up with a white light.
The candles on the wedding party table with my bouquet.
The centerpieces, quotes and favor boxes on the guest tables.
The bottom cake. Three of the tiers had this swirl design and the other two just had the edible white and black pearls.
Lots of cake! Spice w/ Apple, Red Velvet, Chocolate w/ Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry, Cheesecake, and Yellow. . .With mini cheesecake squares.

I'll try to share more later as people send me pics.
Nope - I didn't take one picture that day!!


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