Wednesday, June 02, 2010


A memory came to mind on Tuesday night. . .

You see, I unexpectedly had to buy a stick shift.
I did not know how to drive a stick shift.

The dealer drove it to the house, I drove him back in one of our automatics.
Luke came over after work and taught me how to drive it - in about two hours.

The next morning, I was driving to work.

The memory?
I stopped at a red light, not realizing that I was on a slight incline.

The light turned green and the line of cars didn't get to move. The light turned red.
I kept stalling the car as I was trying to go on the incline.

What brought this memory to my brain?

There once was a girl who was learning how to drive the family's standard.
She got stopped at a red light. When it turned green, the line of cars sat patiently until it turned red again and didn't get to move.
The light wasn't on a hill and the passenger in the car was a bit puzzled as this girl could usually get the car going with no (or only one) stalls. Granted, the starts may be a bit jerky, but the car moved.
The light turned green again and after another stall, she jerked the car through the intersection into the gas station's parking lot.
Suddenly, it dawned on the passenger what was wrong.
A refresher lesson had to be taught - a car in third gear does not like to start from 0MPH.


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