Friday, April 30, 2010

Budget Challenge - April

Here's the results for this month in our Grocery/Supplies reduction.
(OOOPS. . .Not posting this until May 16 - It's been pretty busy and haven't been able to work on receipts and filing and such.)

Budget: $300
Actual OOP: $434.45
Retail Price: $821.43
Coupon Savings: $182.74
Sales Savings: $204.24

I saved 47.11%.
We are WAY over budget this month.
To be honest: We needed things that hadn't gone on sale since this experiment started.
To be realistic: Included in the total above is $24 in medicine and $22.59 for MaBell's future party (I budgeted $100 for food for her party - in the end, I went over on that budget by $13).
So, we really spent $387.86 versus our budget of $300.


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