Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow and Ice

I am not a big fan of driving in winter weather!
That may be a result of my accident in December 2002. Yep, on ice.

Last year wasn't fun as the old Matrix usually could not get off of our road - if it did, it took a few tries of "how quick can we make it get up in speed so that it will have enough left to get up the small hill at the end of the road and hope and pray no one is coming down the other road cause if we stop, it won't go again". . .
Catch all that?
This year, the new Matrix does much better with its AWD and I can usually get out on the first try without having to get a running start or saying a prayer (as long as there is snow, not ice).

Yesterday morning, I awoke to about 6" of fluffy white stuff.
I check the list of accident on-line and it was huge! At 6:30am!
Two or three of those accidents were along the route I drive to work. . .
I was very happy when my boss agreed that I could work from home.

MBB and the kids plowed the lane with our tractor (then the kids tried to make a fort with it).
OB shoveled the patio and sidewalk.
I made hot cocoa to warm them all up.
I got lots of work done and didn't have to stress out about the roads.

Today, I awoke to more snow.
The accident list was nil, so I decided to head in. It took me about 20 minutes to shovel and scrape. It took me a bit longer (okay, another 20 minutes extra) to get to work, but I made it safe and sound. MBB (the new driver of the old Matrix) caught a ride as there was no way that car was going to get off of our road!

I am hopeful that Mother Nature is about done with her temper tantrum and will allow us to start thawing out. . .I've got place to go and people to see - Important stuff or I'll never get this wedding planned! :)


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