Monday, February 15, 2010

How Long?

I have been working to get the Sunday paper delivered for about. . .
Three months now.

No exaggeration.

At first, I called to get the great rate that was advertised in the paper.
I was told it wasn't for my paper.
Yep, the rate that was advertised in MY paper.
I never got a call back from that "investigation".

Then, I sent in the same advertisement that was advertised in MY paper for about four weeks running. I thought snail mail may have a better shot since the advertisement had my paper's name on it.

No response.

When that didn't seem to work, I went on-line and subscribed that way. Wasn't sure if I would get the great advertised rate, but at least it would save me gas.

Still no response.

So, we continue to run to a gas station every Sunday to get my coupons.

Out of the blue, with no warning. . .
We (more specifically MBB, I thought I was dreaming it) heard a car on our lane Sunday morning.
Yep, this sight made my day! It even made MaBell's day when she realized that we weren't going to have to walk out the lane every Sunday morning to get the paper from the mailbox.

Now, I'll be able to clip coupons before church to give a final gauge as to whether I want to buy a second set of coupons. :)


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