Sunday, January 31, 2010

Budget Challenge - January

My big goal for 2010 is to better track our spending on groceries.
I'm using this great spreadsheet that someone else made (My apologies, I forget who).
My other big goal is, with the help of the stockpile pantry, to reduce our Grocery/Supply expense from $500 to $300.

In an attempt to be accountable, I've decided to post how we are doing each month.

Budget: $300
Actual OOP: $327.18
Retail Price: $816.78
Coupon Savings: $260.88
Sales Savings: $228.72

I saved 59.94%.
Yes, I went over my new budget by ~$28, but I pretty proud of my first attempt.
I think I may have a few rebates to send in - I need to get caught up on that.


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