Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Thoughts I Recently Had. . .

1. Beyonce has class. Lots of it.

2. Kanye doesn't.

3. How am I going to get through the entire season without giving the guy who sits in front of me a piece of my mind? Good thing I'm not going to all of the games this year!

4. Do you really think that the opponents, or even the Bengals, realize that you are 'protecting your end-zone' from Row 24 by NEVER sitting down?

5. Why does the end-zone need protecting during warm-ups and half time?

6. Does the guy sitting next to him, you know - the one who comes to EVERY game with him - needs an explanation of EVERY play?

7. Dude - Do you really think that you are being a good example to the teenage girls that you coach who are SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? Yes, the alcohol is making you act more immature with every play.

8. Six games in one weekend is enough to wear a body out!

9. There has to be an easier way to get laundry done. . .

10. How many of my friends and family, who shop at Kroger, will be willing to use the fundraiser cards for MaBell's volleyball team?


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