Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's My Last...

...Day at work for the year!

Historically, this is good day for me...
I get some small projects done that have been just hanging out for awhile.
I clean up my desk and get rid of a lot of nagging paperwork that has hounded me for awhile.
I enjoy chit chatting with co-workers and prepping my "To Do List" for January 2.

This year, on the other hand...
I am fighting with a system that doesn't want to work (or if we can get it to work, it goes at a snail's pace).
I am being yelled at by multiple crowds of people because they have a deadline in said system.
I have a pile of large projects that just sit there taunting me.
I am leaving my desk in a mess.
I have no idea what fire I will be putting out on January 2.

Yes, today (as well as yesterday) is not turning out to be that great of a day.

However...Tomorrow will be a wonderful day!!! The first day of my holiday break!


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