Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas In My World. . ..

With the holidays and MBB / I having time off of work this week, I haven't been putting in much computer time. Added to that, my computer has decided that it likes the blue screen of death, so MBB is going to reformat it for me. . .Cross your fingers on that one!

I was blessed this Christmas! I made many wonderful memories: Most I want to remember with just a few that I don't. What don't I want to remember, you ask? Specifically, Christmas Eve as I spent most of the day sick and SB came down with it in the evening. Let's just let that memory go, shall we??? lol

Christmas Morning found me with MBB and the kids - I woke up about 4:30 excited about watching the kids open their gifts, which happened about 5:45 - Yes, that was A.M.! :)
Santa brought me a beautiful ruby necklace.

Part of the afternoon was spent in Springfield at GrandmaMarie's and I got the best softest fluffiest blanket! I usually curl up under it to watch movies, but I have found the kids catching a few more winks on the couch after we pull them out of bed.

Christmas Night found me back at MBB's playing "Scene It", a new game that the kids opened that morning. I thought that I would be at a major disadvantage at this game since I've watched about 1% of the movies that the rest of them have, but I lucked out with a few questions about movies from my childhood (yep - I remembered the scene at the end of Sixteen Candles with the birthday cake on the table!).

I hope that all of your holiday celebrations were just as wonderful as mine was.
We have one more Christmas gathering to go to. . .Will be nice spending some time with my family up in the Field.


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