Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Trying to Get Divorced From My Gall Bladder

I didn't get to eat any of the great food that was sitting around for the holidays.
In the last seven days, I have lost seven pounds (see note above).

Can I just say that fighting with your gall bladder over the holidays royally sucks? I had another attack because of PRETZELS! I thought pretzels were fat free!!! I guess I found the only ones that actually have fat in them. Hmmm. . .Wonder how much weight I would have lost if I hadn't ate the pretzels?

I have a new-found respect for people that have experienced large amounts of surgery. I never knew how many people I would have to talk to in order to make this divorce go successfully. I'm not sure how many more phone calls I will get in order to give all of that pertinent information that I have already given to a zillion other people. I can almost rattle off all of the numbers on my insurance card in my sleep - did I mention that it's a new card with new numbers that I got last week?

By the way - the divorce is scheduled for Friday, January 5th. I am counting down the days! MommyMarie is coming down to stay the weekend with me. Gotta love my mommy!


"There are no accidents, only nature throwing her weight around. . .Nature will pick up the cards we have spilled, shuffle them, and begin her game again." - Camille Paglia

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